Ultra Supplies Singapore Framing & Mounting Service

Mounting is a process whereby a poster is mounted flat onto a 3.5mm thick kappaline board. The poster can then be hung easily.

It’s become a low-cost alternative to framing and looks especially good for Contemporary Art or Movie & Music posters in modern living spaces.

The mounts can be finished with framing and are strung on the back with sturdy fixings to make hanging easy.

For hooks, kapalin mounts are much lighter than a frame of equal size so most picture hooks will work just fine. 

Block mounted posters can be left plain with no protection or laminated in either a gloss or laminate finish. A laminate will protect the poster from dirt & finger prints and will extend the life of any kapalin mount. It is highly recommended for images with lots of black white or red in them as these show marks more easily. It is also highly recommended if the item will be hung in a kitchen or bathroom or if it will be handled a lot. Please check our price list for lamination, mounting and framing.

We recommend a gloss finish particularly for black & white or sepia images and images with bright colours. The gloss finish will make the colours and contrasts stand out more.

A matt finish is recommended especially for block mounts that are to be displayed in areas that receive a lot of light, eg in front of windows. The matt finish will diffuse the light and minimize reflection.

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