Our Commitment, Vision, Mission & Core Values

Committed Corporate Printing Company 

Our company, Ultra Supplies, located inside Queensway Shopping offers the entire gamut of corporate photocopying and printing services.  From regular photocopying and printing of your office stationery to specialized photocopying and printing of innovative marketing and promotional material, from photocopying and printing short run printing jobs for exclusive materials to bulk printing of direct mailers of other communication, we are committed to cater to all your photocopying and printing needs. For all organizations located in Singapore, Ultra Supplies is a unique one stop shop for all printing requirements.  

Our Commitment to Customers

Our corporate printing company located in Queensway Shopping is extremely customer focused. We strive to produce high quality printed material at the most cost effective prices in the industry. We also understand the essence of time in running and managing a business. For instance, if you need corporate brochures to carry for a particular event, naturally, they have to be made available to you on time. Even the best quality and most innovative brochures will not serve any purpose, if they are delivered after the event has concluded. It is our commitment to customers that we will ensure timely delivery of all your print projects, irrespective of the scale of your project and without compromising on quality.

Our Commitment to Technology

At Ultra Supplies, we strongly believe that in order to fulfill our commitment to our customers and clients in the best possible manner, we have to move forward in terms of technology. We have invested in the state of the art, latest, high tech printing equipment and machinery to ensure that we can offer the best printing service for you. We have large format printers that cater to your requirements for outdoor marketing collateral like banners, exhibition displays, and posters. We use lamination in our banner printing to protect your banners from the fading effect of the sun’s UV rays and to ensure their longevity. Our resources also include the best commercial printers that help us fulfill your large scale printing orders including general stationery as well as communication materials like newsletters,  direct mailers etc that are needed in bulk. We have recently the latest digital printer, the Xerox DocuColor that facilitates faster turnaround times, enabling us to complete your digital printing jobs faster than ever before.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Our team at Ultra Supplies in Singapore is a group of dynamic, forward thinking, individuals who are constantly looking at newer and innovative means to make your print experience more effective for your business. We offer a range of innovative photocopying and printing services including sales tags, product catalogs and product description booklets. 

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our company, Ultra Supplies, understand that the nature of our business involves large use of paper, but we demonstrate our commitment to the environment by using paper that comes from timber only from well managed forests and thus do not contribute to destruction of the world’s forests and ecosystems.



To be the leading provider of digital graphic solutions to all customers


To provide one-stop instant services & create value-added quality products through partnership with customers & suppliers for sustainable growth and our aspiration to be the employer of choice in our industry.

Cores Value

* Unique innovation and creation of products and services to delight our customers

* Lead by example with ownership of our tassks

* Team bonds and development of our people for the sustainable competitive advantage

* Reliability and quality is our way of life

* Act with integrity